Saturday, 8 October 2011

Pakistan Bridal

Wedding day is very memorable for both bride and the groom. They remember it for the rest of their life. Pakistani wedding dresses are becoming very expensive now days.Traditional Pakistani bridal dresses are a must for Pakistani brides.Otherwise she does not appear to be getting married. This is a life changing day for her. She will want to look elegant and beautiful. Some affluent families go to the point of buying very expensive dresses. This could be designed by a professional Pakistani fashion designer.But a graceful dress can be bought at a reasonable price.

This is also a part of the expense and should be taken into consideration for a Pakistani wedding day.Brides are expected to keep their faces hidden in a veil. Some prefer to wear a burkah. Still they look beautiful and colorful.Both brides and grooms look elegant on their wedding. They are hero and heroine of the day. They wear lot of make ups.  Rich families wear lot of gold, diamonds and other jewellery. Girls wear expensive lehenga. He wears a churidar pajamaand kurta or shervani. Churidar is a tight fitting sort of a salwar. This is mostly made of silk which is a high quality fabric. He may also wears a topee on his head.

The groom may look simple but the dresses are colorful. Some Pakistani weddingsare getting westernized now. The males have started wearing trousers and jackets. This may cost to the amount of thousands of rupees. Pakistani lehenga is rich with gold embroidery. Red is the most popular color. Some prefer to wear ghagra  choli. Friends of the bride also look very beautifulin their colorfulFor a groom the wedding dress is not that expensive.

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