Thursday, 13 October 2011

Angel Cross Tattoo Designs

Angel Cross Tattoo convey more than just spirituality and devotion; and devotion is not only limited to one’s faith or belief but also people or objects. The cross, which points to four directions, may imply that there is no scope to its limit. This may also mean that this symbol, as an object, can simply embrace almost anything in life; it can incorporate any principle and idea. The tats can be modified by adding a person’s initials or have wings of an angel. From a simple formation of two straight objects intersecting together, designs of these holy tattoos are beautifully created and modified. The cross has been traditionally embraced by many Christians. Aside from that, many people regardless of their belief, associate the symbol with Christianity.

 Another correlation of the cross is death. People who have loved ones who have passed away always put a cross on their grave. It has emotional attributes as well, reflecting compassion, sacrifice, love and even peace. And for this very reason, many people mostly choose a Angel Cross Tattoo to be inked on their body.

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