Thursday, 6 October 2011

Foot Flower Tattoos

I am very excited about getting floral foot tattoos. I think floral foot tattoos by far and away are some of the best choices for cute girls who are looking for cute tattoo designs. As I read a lot about cute foot tattoo designs on your site. I have also seen popularity of floral tattoos on foot is on the rise amongst ladies.
Foot Flower Tattoos are closely situated near each other so these two type of tat theme have some things in common. First of all, they are more popular with women than men and not only that, they are among the top favorites among the female crowd.

They are also Sexy Locations to Get Tattooed because of their ability to be discrete when needed an Foot flower Tattoo are favorite spots for tattoos because they are two of the shapeliest parts of the body.Nothing can be appealing than a sexy tat peeping out of one’s stylish sandals or high heeled stilettos. Even if these two body parts are painful to get tattooed on because of less tissues and flesh in the areas, this does not seem to stop the women as their popularity continues to rise.

Though these designs are the general type of images seen as either on the ankle or the foot, there are still a lot of variations when it comes to style, colors and shading. There are thousands of different kinds of flowers and the language and meaning differ according to what type it is. Small symbols like stars and heart can be tattooed either as single design or in groups not to mention the tons of palettes to choose from.Tattoos that are high on the ankle can be fairly painless, but the lower you go, the more you should expect it to hurt!

When you want a tattoo that can be covered up for work, you’ll find that an ankle tattoo or a foot tattoo is ideal. Wear some longer pants, a higher sock or some well-fitting jeans and you are good to go! They have style and they have convenience, so what more could you want? This is why we like the foot tattoo designs so much because of the versatility

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